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Mi nombre es Germán Bacca.

Soy un profesional de las IT experto en innovación, y con una amplia experiencia.



3 días ago

Notes from the AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning vía @McKinsey_MGI

5 días ago

The economics of artificial intelligence…

6 días ago

Everyone Is Applauding This National Geographic Cover But The Real Shock Lies Inside The Pages | Bored Panda… vía @boredpanda

2 semanas ago

Google's Waymo is crushing the competition and could be worth $135 billion, UBS says… vía @BIUK_Finance

2 semanas ago

Digital disruption drives CIOs to double down on innovation… vía @CIOonline

3 semanas ago

The global electric-vehicle market is amped up and on the rise…

3 semanas ago

The real-world potential and limitations of artificial intelligence…

3 semanas ago

Surviving The Retail Apocalypse: The Technologies And Trends That Can Help Brick-And-Mortar Thrive Again… vía @cbinsights

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