Mi nombre es Germán Bacca.

Soy un profesional de las IT experto en innovación, y con una amplia experiencia.



14 horas ago

Gartner: Top strategic #technology #trends for 2021 networkworld.com/article/358657… a través de @networkworld

4 días ago

Visualized: A Breakdown of Amazon’s Revenue Model visualcapitalist.com/amazon-revenue…

4 días ago

We are approaching the fastest, deepest, most consequential technological disruption in history fastcompany.com/90559711/we-ar…

1 semana ago

Leveraging #DevOps Infrastructure as Code to improve #cloud provisioning time by 65% cloudtweaks.com/2020/09/levera… a través de @cloudtweaks

3 semanas ago

Deutsche Telekom and OVHcloud team up for Gaia-X - as Macron says Europe must resume #cloud battle cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2020/sep/…

4 semanas ago
1 mes ago

Your startup is a movement. sacks.substack.com/p/your-startup…

1 mes ago

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